C’est possible!!!

It’s possible… to go for two weeks without a laptop – checking emails; without word docs, excel spreadsheets, and ppts!

These thoughts flow through my mind as I sit in the first class compartment, watching a businessman sitting two rows ahead busy tapping away on his laptop.

It’s a cold misty morning and I lean back to watch the early morning scenes flash by through the big picture windows as the train takes me from Vienna to Salzburg, traveling at a speed of 100 km/hr. The view is unchanging – snow covering the ground, the trees, the houses in the villages – but every so often it offers a little slice of life.

– Engine cabs and rail carriages sitting quietly on snow-covered tracks, waiting to start their daily journey.
– Trees, their leaves shed for the winter, waiting for the snow to cloak their bare branches.
– Now and then, evergreen trees and small tufts of green grass provide some relief from the white snow-covered meadows.
– Houses that are dark and quiet as if the inhabitants are hibernating.
– A brook flowing quietly through a village.
– A car winding its way up the narrow snow-covered roads, its driver perhaps on the way to the bakery to buy fresh bread or driving up to the mountains for a day of skiing.
– A house with a light shining through the windows and smoke from a chimney showing the family is up and about.
– A manufacturing plant puffing out smoke providing a gray cloudy cover.
– Stacks of log neatly piled, covered with snow, waiting to be transported.

A local train passes by, traveling in the opposite direction. The carriages are mostly empty. I notice a magazine hanging in each compartment. It has Mahatma Gandhi on the cover – the world is indeed a global village.


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