Train to Appenzell

I have a train to catch at 9:22 a.m. Am a minute away and can see the station up ahead.  I reach the platform just as the train pulls in. Perfect timing! Just one of the thousand and one things I love about Switzerland!

Settling in my seat, I’m ready to be enthralled by the scenery that I never get tired of – green grassy meadows, snow covered mountains, pretty villages with a church tower. I want to wrap it all up and take it home with me!

As the train climbs higher and higher, I am suddenly reminded of Julie Andrews taking the von Trapp children on a picnic and singing “Doe a deer…”

The red and white engine curves around the track. I can see cows scattered like confetti on the green green grass. Houses dot the landscape as if a child has placed them randomly while playing with Lego bricks. The sun feels hot as it shines through the window, but I know it’s cold outside.

The old couple sitting opposite me have dozed off. Their luggage includes alpine walking sticks, ready to ‘climb every mountain’. The Sound of Music is stuck firmly in my head and the movie wasn’t even shot in Switzerland!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Isn’t there something enchanting about these train journeys! I could spend hours exploring the landscape, smiling as I look out of the window! ❤


  2. I agree! Traveling by train gives you an amazing window to the world and to life


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