Ranthambore Travelog 3: The Fort

Situated within the Ranthambore National Park, the Ranthambore Fort is one of the six forts in Rajasthan designated as a World Heritage Site. It was built by Maharaja Jayanta in 5th C AD and said to have been named after the two adjoining hills — Rann and Thambhore. The fort is surrounded by massive stone walls, nearly 7 kilometers in length, interspersed with towers. It covers an area of about 4 sq km and has many palaces, cenotaphs, step-wells and houses. Inside the fort, there are also three Hindu temples dedicated to Ganesh, Shiva and Ramlalaji; a Digambar Jain temple; a Mosque; and a Dargah.

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I have never seen so many langurs in one place — perched on trees, acting as sentinels, children playing rambunctiously, babies clinging to their mothers… they are everywhere within the fort but will not attack unless provoked. Feeding them was  much enjoyed by all!

Young girls and women are devout visitors to the Ganesh temple. After doing the puja, they have a cup of tea or browse through the religious books and paraphernalia before heading back to their daily chores. Their colorful saris provide a stark contrast to the browns and greens of the surrounding landscape.


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